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Industrial & Agricultural

We providing comprehensive Forensic Engineering services for Industrial and agricultural accident investigations. Our team of experienced engineers and experts is dedicated to unraveling the complexities surrounding these incidents. From analyzing equipment failures to assessing safety protocols and compliance, we meticulously examine the root causes and contributing factors, delivering in-depth reports and expert testimony when necessary. Our collective expertise and vast network ensures that we uncover critical insights to provide a clear understanding of each incident and provide insights into how they could have been prevented in both industrial and agricultural settings.

Sample of cases that we have consulted on:
Documentation of the inadequate maintenance and safety system bypassing of an industrial cold storage resulting in failure and significant product loss.
Investigation into the theft of a bulldozer leasing to the identification of the thief with specialized knowledge on how to start the equipment without a key.
Providing evidence that a tractor was inadvertently damaged in the process of being stolen as opposed to intentionally damage by the owner.

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