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CSI has over 25 years of experience servicing global markets with the level of care and attention you would expect from your next door neighbor. We have consulted on and helped to successfully resolve over 3,000 cases. Give us the chance to help you!  

Auto Accidents

We, as a team of experienced Forensic Engineers, specialize in providing comprehensive forensic engineering services and are a critical resource in unraveling the complexities of vehicular incidents. Our dedicated team utilize their expertise in engineering principles, materials science, and accident reconstruction techniques to meticulously examine and analyze vehicular accidents to uncover the root causes and contributing factors. Using cutting-edge techniques and equipment, we analyze the collision dynamics, vehicle performance, road conditions, human factors, reconstruct accident scenes, evaluate vehicle damage, and scrutinize all available evidence to establish a clear understanding of the events leading up to and determine the root causes of incidents. Our comprehensive investigations often involve the examination of vehicle components, skid marks, and the assessment of driver behavior, ultimately serving to establish accountability, enhance safety measures, and facilitate fair resolution for all parties involved in auto accidents. Our commitment to delivering accurate, unbiased, and thorough investigations allows us to support the legal and insurance industries in determining liability, enhancing road safety, and providing closure to those affected by auto accidents.

Sample of cases that we have consulted on:
Over 2,000 cases involving the collision of numerous variations of vehicles into just about anything you can imagine including other vehicles, bodies of water, herds of animals, earth moving equipment, structures and vaulting off of precipices.
A case involving the collision between a CHP and a Sheriff vehicle..
A case involving the collision of train into a big rig.

Bicycle & Pedestrian

We offer Forensic Engineering services in bicycle and pedestrian accident investigations. Our collective expertise in accident reconstruction, biomechanics, and engineering enables us to comprehensively analyze these incidents. With a keen focus on safety and human factors, we meticulously examine factors such as road design, vehicle dynamics, and the behavior of cyclists and pedestrians to determine the root causes of accidents. Our commitment to uncovering the truth and delivering expert testimony ensures that our clients receive accurate and reliable assessments in cases involving bicycle and pedestrian accidents.

Sample of cases that we have consulted on:
Cases involving vehicles over driving their headlights resulting in collisions with pedestrians and bicycles.
Cases involving vehicles with attentive drivers who were unable to avoid colliding with pedestrians and bicycles who were behaving in an unsafe manner.
Cases involving pedestrians and bicyclists who struck the side of cars.

Fire Investigation

We provide comprehensive Forensic Engineering services in fire investigation, leveraging our unmatched collective expertise to uncover the origin, root causes and contributing factors in fire-related incidents. Our expertise lies in meticulously analyzing fire-related incidents. With a profound understanding of fire dynamics, material behavior, and structural integrity, we bring clarity to complex fire investigations. We meticulously examine fire scenes, collect evidence, and reconstruct events to determine the origin and cause of fires and to provide our clients with in-depth insights that can aid in legal proceedings, insurance claims, and safety improvements.. Our commitment to delivering accurate, unbiased findings to the highest standards of accuracy and professionalism empowers our clients, be they insurance companies, legal professionals, or government agencies, to make informed decisions and seek resolution in the aftermath of fire-related incidents.

Sample of cases that we have consulted on:
Proving that a high profile attorney did not burn his house down intentionally.
Proving that a house fire, resulting from an explosion, was the result of a murder/suicide rather than a accidental ignition.
Proving that a vehicle fire was due to a recalled product defect that had not been repaired.

Premises Liability

We provide Forensic Engineering services for premises liability cases, where we, as a team of experienced experts, meticulously investigate structural failures, accidents, and incidents within various built environments. Our mission is to provide a detailed analysis of the conditions and circumstances that may have contributed to accidents or injuries on a property, helping our clients establish liability and identify opportunities to mitigate risks. Through a combination of forensic analysis, data collection, and expert testimony, we work together to deliver reliable, evidence-based assessments that assist in resolving complex legal disputes related to premises liability.

Sample of cases that we have consulted on:
Determination of how a facility was illegally broken into, and the preventative measures that were circumvented, prior to the trespasser receiving fatal injuries on site.
Determination of the cause of roof damage that developed over an extended period of time prior to the roof failure resulting in injury.
Clarification of the failure of an inadequate Illness and Injury Prevention Plan (IIPP) that resulted in the amputation of a customer’s leg.

Industrial & Agriculture

We providing comprehensive Forensic Engineering services for Industrial and agricultural accident investigations. Our team of experienced engineers and experts is dedicated to unraveling the complexities surrounding these incidents. From analyzing equipment failures to assessing safety protocols and compliance, we meticulously examine the root causes and contributing factors, delivering in-depth reports and expert testimony when necessary. Our collective expertise and vast network ensures that we uncover critical insights to provide a clear understanding of each incident and provide insights into how they could have been prevented in both industrial and agricultural settings.

Sample of cases that we have consulted on:
Documentation of the inadequate maintenance and safety system bypassing of an industrial cold storage resulting in failure and significant product loss.
Investigation into the theft of a bulldozer leasing to the identification of the thief with specialized knowledge on how to start the equipment without a key.
Providing evidence that a tractor was inadvertently damaged in the process of being stolen as opposed to intentionally damage by the owner.


Forensic Engineering services encompass a multifaceted approach to firearm investigations, wherein we, as experts in this field, utilize a combination of scientific analysis, engineering principles, and a deep understanding of firearms to solve cases. Our team has years of experience in global firearms manufacturing as well as criminal ballistics investigations ensuring a meticulous examination of the physical and ballistic evidence associated with firearms. We work diligently to reconstruct the events surrounding a discharge, identifying the weapon used, and establish crucial links between firearms and related incidents. By employing state-of-the-art techniques and expertise, we deliver comprehensive and impartial assessments, contributing to the clarity and resolution of complex firearm-related cases.

Sample of cases that we have consulted on:
Identifying the shooter involved in a fatal drive by shooting.
Determining the sequence of shots and identifying the firearm used in a fatal officer involved shooting during a drug sting operation.
Determining the cause of a rifle misfire.

Machine Guarding

We investigate and analyze safety measures and protocols related to guarding of industrial machinery. We meticulously assess the design, installation, and maintenance of machine guards to determine their compliance with industry standards and regulations. Through comprehensive inspections, data analysis, and expert testimony, we shed light on potential lapses or shortcomings in machine guarding or user error that may have contributed to accidents or injuries. Our collective goal is to provide a thorough and impartial evaluation, aiding clients in understanding the root causes of incidents and insights into the failures of risk mitigation measures.

Sample of cases that we have consulted on:
Documenting disabled machine guarding that allowed an operator’s thumb to be crushed.
Determine the series of protocol failures leading to the fatal injuries of a man cleaning an industrial meat processor.
Identifying and documenting the failure of a manufacturer to follow the regulations controlling the configuration and operation of a log splitter resulting in multiple fractures of an arm.

Product Defect & Liability

Our team of highly experienced design and manufacturing engineers and investigators is dedicated to meticulously analyzing and assessing the causes and consequences of product failures. With a strong focus on identifying design flaws, manufacturing defects, and other contributing factors, we strive to deliver comprehensive and objective evaluations that help our clients navigate product liability cases effectively. We are committed to delivering accurate, impartial, and well-documented findings to support our clients in resolving disputes and ensuring the safety and integrity of products in the marketplace.

Sample of cases that we have consulted on:
Cross threading of PVC pipe fittings resulting in water leakage and major flood damage.
Documentation of internal voids in cast iron components resulting in material weakening and the determination of loading that resulted in failure.
Identification of improperly assembled equipment resulting in the failure and inoperability of a fleet of tractors.

Workers Compensation

We provide Forensic Engineering services to address workers’ compensation claims. Our team of experienced engineers and experts work diligently to assess and analyze workplace incidents and accidents while applying our extensive knowledge of engineering principles and industry regulations with the goal to uncover the root causes and contributing factors. Through meticulous investigations, we aim to provide a clear and unbiased assessment of the incidents, shedding light on whether they resulted from employer negligence, equipment failures, or other factors and providing insights into potential breaches to established safety protocols . Our goal is to ensures that our clients receive accurate, well-documented reports providing them with the evidence they need to make informed decisions and reach a resolution, ensuring fair and accurate compensation claims, facilitating a safer working environment for all.

Sample of cases that we have consulted on:
Trip and falls in the work place.
Proving that it was not possible for a claimant to receive the claimed injury using the details of their own statement.
Documenting the training, safety precautions and mitigation efforts that were circumvented in order for a construction worker to amputate his own fingers using a power saw.

Download Vehicles EDR

We offer comprehensive Forensic Engineering services that encompass the critical task of downloading vehicle Event Data Recorders (EDRs), commonly known as “black boxes.” Our team possesses the training, technical expertise and cutting-edge equipment necessary to extract the valuable data from these devices, enabling us to piece together the intricate puzzle of collisions. With a meticulous approach, we extract vital information such as vehicle speed, braking patterns, airbag deployment, and numerous other crucial parameters, aiding in the reconstruction of events and contributing to a thorough and accurate forensic analysis of each case.

Aerial Photomapping

We provide Aerial Photomapping services to address a wide range of investigative needs. Our team employs state-of-the-art technology and expertise to capture high-resolution aerial imagery, creating detailed maps that are essential for analyzing and reconstructing complex incidents. With an attentiveness to safety, a keen eye for detail and a commitment to accuracy, we deliver invaluable insights to our clients, helping them understand the intricacies of a scene, assess damages, and make informed decisions. Our Aerial Photomapping services are a crucial component of our forensic investigations, aiding in the quest for truth and providing clarity in the most challenging of circumstances.

3-D Scene Survey

Our services include 3D scene surveying as an integral part of our investigative process when necessary. With cutting-edge technology and a team of highly skilled engineers, we meticulously capture and analyze complex accident and incident scenes in three dimensions. Our approach allows us to create accurate and detailed reconstructions, providing crucial insights for forensic investigations, stunning aerial image 3D overlays, litigation support, and expert witness testimonies. Through our 3D scene surveying capabilities, we ensure a safe and thorough examination of the evidence, helping our clients to understand the events that transpired.

3-D Computer Simulation

We offer a comprehensive range of Forensic Engineering services, including 3D computer simulations. Through these advanced simulations, we meticulously recreate real-world scenarios to analyze and understand the complex interactions involved in accidents, structural failures, and various engineering investigations. Our team harnesses cutting-edge technology and computational tools to deliver accurate, data-driven insights that aid in determining causation, liability, and potential preventative measures. These 3D simulations empower us to solve complex cases and create convincing court presentations, ensuring our clients receive the most reliable and informed solutions for their forensic engineering needs.

Laboratory Analysis

In our role as forensic engineering experts, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including the meticulous analysis of evidence in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to uncovering the truth, we partner with a network of laboratories that use cutting-edge techniques and technologies to examine physical evidence from accident sites, structural failures, or other incidents. By utilizing our collective expertise, we scrutinize materials, conduct tests, and examine data with precision, ensuring that our findings stand up to the rigorous standards of the legal system. Our dedication to impartial, evidence-based analysis is paramount, and we take pride in our collaborative approach to unraveling complex cases and delivering unbiased results.

Court Exhibits

We know how much of a crucial role court exhibits play in the successful resolution of a court case. After we meticulously examine and analyze various engineering and technical aspects of a case, we need to present a clear and compelling narrative in the courtroom. Through our diligent investigations, data analysis, and expert testimonies, we assist legal professionals in constructing persuasive exhibits that help judges and juries better understand complex technical issues. Our commitment to precision and objectivity ensures that our court exhibits stand as credible and invaluable tools in a court of law, shedding light on the intricacies of each case.


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